Mattress Types For The Modern Bedroom


Because there are some 8 different types of mattress around, finding the best one can be rather strenuous. All mattress sizes will be standardized to a certain extent, like king, queen, double and single. There might be more fancy names for some custom-made beds but this is the general idea. King size mattresses are obviously the largest and will be suitable for the tallest of persons unless you’re a 6 foot 4″ or taller basketball player. Anyone taller than that will definitely require a custom mattress made for them. Likewise, if you’re sharing a bed with your partner, you might want at least a double size mattress. A simple spring mattress usually does the job well enough.

This is further worsened thanks to the complex names that are given to the simplest technologies such as springs or the elasticity levels. Here though, we’ll try to simplify things for easier understanding. Basically, what you’re looking at first is the type of mattress. Latex, memory foam, water and innerspring mattresses are highly popular nowadays, but you also have air, futon and other foam mattresses. Which one’s best for you? It really depends.

heated-waterbedAre you the type of person who will wake up in the middle of the night sweating because your mattress feels too hot? Or are you the type who prefers softer and bouncier mattresses for the additional comfort that they offer? Waterbeds, for instance, may feel bouncy enough but they may not offer the usual feeling or comfort normally associated with innerspring mattresses. Latex mattresses are similar in this way. Generally, they do not feel as hot as say memory foam mattresses, but they also lack the firm support provided by the latter. Of course, different mattress brands would also use different foam composition so it would be unfair to say that memory foam mattresses are usually much firmer in comparison. If you ask us, we’d say that this is an excellent memory foam mattress, if not the best. Nonetheless, it would certainly help if all of them could contour to the shape and weight of your body automatically, which is precisely what memory foam mattresses are all about.


Despite the fact that innerspring mattresses are some of the first types around, none of them can actually offer superior comfort compared to a latex or even a memory foam mattress. Plus, springs are known to be much less durable compared to materials such as foam. The maintenance of such mattresses would be a nuisance unless you switch them out for a new one every couple of years, but that’s simply impractical. Perhaps this is the reason why most brands and companies actually offer some 20 years or so worth of warranty. With approximately 4/5 of the mattresses worldwide being innerspring, you would imagine that a lot of them would have more problems with their back than not. That’s simply not the case if they were to use foam mattresses, on the other hand.

Back pain users could alternatively opt for dual-purpose or hybrid beds, which can be transformed into sofas or futons, on which they can perform a variety of activities on, when they’re not used to be slept on. The flexibility provided here is only possible since they can be collapsed and folded at will, within minutes at most. In the most typical manner though, you would have to purchase a separate bed frame in order to support the flimsy nature of such a mattress. On the other hand, they do feel a lot lighter and can be moved around easily, so if you live in a semi-small apartment with a cramped space, this might be the best choice for you.